Case Management Services

All goes well. . .Your loved one completes in-patient treatment. They have been sober, drug and/or alcohol free—for weeks or months—depending on their course of treatment.

They are clean and sober.

But going back to their everyday life without the safety of a treatment center makes them feel uneasy, nervous. They’re scared too, that they will return to old patterns, old habits. They want to be monitored –they need the psychological assurance provided by having an accessible accountability and support structure available on a daily basis.  As statistics show, a well-managed transition and reintegration process greatly improves a person’s chances for long-term sobriety.

At CDI, our commitment to treating every case on an individualized basis encourages some clients to employ our services in their continuum of care administered after in-patient treatment.

Our Case Management Service Plan outlines some of the features we offer. Again, because our work is always based on the individual’s changing needs, these contracts are set up to be renewable on a monthly basis.

Key Services:

  • Counseling sessions
  • In-person meetings between the loved one (i.e., patient) one or more times a week
  • Daily check-in by phone and / or text messaging
  • Daily drug testing, equipment provided
  • Breathalyzer testing, equipment provided
  • Accountability to outpatient programs
  • Subject to written consent by the client, the person engaging CDI is kept up to date with the client’s progress
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