Nationwide Interventions and Treatment Consulting Services

Our expertise is available to clients anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Case Management Services

All goes well. . .Your loved one completes in-patient treatment. They have been sober, drug and/or alcohol free—for weeks or months—depending on their course of treatment. They are clean and sober. But going back to their everyday life without the safety of a treatment center makes them feel uneasy, nervous. They’re scared too, that they will... Read More

Sober Transport

Most often, a family member will want to take their loved one to the treatment facility. In cases where this is not possible, we can arrange for sober transport to the treatment program. Sober Transport includes the coordination of whatever air travel, land travel, and/or other transportation needs are required for the client. We can provide... Read More

Treatment Evaluation & Placement

Treatment Facility Matching & Placement Treatment centers vary greatly. We conduct a pre-treatment interview with our clients to ensure they enter treatment in a facility that is perfectly matched to their special needs. We consider the following during this process: Mental Health Status Drug of Choice/Detoxification if needed Physical Disabilities Insurance Eligibility (determine financial responsibility)... Read More

In-Home Assessments

A professional, clinically licensed CDI team member will come to the appointed residence to assess of the person seeking help on behalf of the treatment center they plan to work with. They will meet with your loved one, assess their mental and psychological state, and determine whether detoxification is necessary and what level of care is... Read More
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