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An Intervention Can Turn Around What Seems Like A Hopeless Situation!

Individuals suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs usually refuse to admit their problem. The nature of their illness may not be readily identifiable by the family. Watching a family member self-destruct is extremely painful and confusing - especially when they don’t seem to understand the severity of their disease. Emotionally involved family members, friends, or clergy can’t provide clarity to the active addict because they’re too close to the problem. Alcohol and drug addiction is usually characterized by chronic denial - “I’m ok and everything is going to be alright” seems to be the mantra of the suffering addict. An intervention can be the perfect solution to this deadly problem.

Step Into The Solution And Plan An Intervention With CDI Today!

CDI brings solutions to those suffering from their addiction through the process of an intervention. Under the guidance of a CDI interventionist and two CDI staff members, CDI will help you discover the solution. An intervention is not only for the active addict but also for the family. Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone. CDI offers a unique type of intervention. We maximize our intervention results by closely matching clients with the proper treatment facility. We don't have an affiliation with any treatment center. This is a foundational concept at CDI, which allows us to find the best treatment for our clients. We also work with the family throughout the entire treatment process. Treatment arrangements are complex and can be overwhelming. CDI researches the background of every treatment center we recommend to ensure that every possible effort has been made for a successful treatment outcome. Please take the time to meet the CDI staff and read through our intervention section to learn more about our intervention process.