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CDI’s Intervention Process

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A consultation with CDI is free and confidential. One of our addiction professionals will appraise your situation and recommend an appropriate course of action, which may include a referral to a non-CDI service.

Assignment to an intervention team
If a clinical assessment indicates the need for an intervention your case will be assigned to a 3-person intervention team.

Organize & Schedule
The lead interventionist and two other members of his team will work with participants in the intervention during the scheduling portion of the intervention. We build a schedule and calendar to insure all friends and family of the individual can attend. We ensure that every detail of this critical event is properly arranged.

Travel & Meet With Family / Treatment Arrangements
Once scheduling is complete, the lead interventionist will travel to the location of your intervention. CDI will be responsible for making treatment arrangements while the interventionist can focus on the actual intervention. Treatment arrangements include: travel arrangements to and from the chosen facility, investigating medical insurance coverage, negotiating the price of treatment, and coordinating with the treatment center.

Intervention Planning With Family
All participants of the intervention will meet with the interventionist to discuss the impact of the individual’s addiction on their lives. Everyone is informed of the treatment decision and post intervention plan. All participants will review what their role will be during the intervention. Family members sometimes choose to prepare a written statement; this can ensure that the family’s message doesn’t lose focus. The interventionist will prepare everyone for possible conflict or resistance that may occur as a result of the deadly denial that affects most addicts.

The Intervention
The actual intervention will usually take place in the morning, lasting from 1 to 2 hours. Facilitated by the interventionist, a safe environment is created for the family to express their love and concern in a non-judgmental manner. This format allows the interventionist to deliver a highly focused and unified message that aggressively addresses the addict’s self-destructive path. This highly successful method serves as the first step on the road to recovery.

Travel To Treatment Center
The interventionist will travel with the individual to the treatment facility. Additionally, the interventionist will insure that all arrangements made prior to the intervention have been fulfilled by the treatment center. The first 3 days in treatment are critical; we insure every possible pitfall has been avoided and that “check in” to treatment goes smoothly.

Ongoing Support
We feel that after an intervention you’ve become part of the CDI family. We offer phone support to the family during treatment. This includes any support to the family and the individual in treatment. We’ll also represent the family if any problems arise with the treatment center. After treatment, when the road to recovery has been paved with hope for a new life, we welcome your calls.