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Important Information About CDI

Chemical Dependency Intervention Services Inc, or "CDI", was formed by a group of treatment industry insiders whose primary goal is providing ethically sound treatment solutions to anxious or frightened families unable to cope with the addict or alcoholic in their family.

CDI is an independent company and doesn’t accept outside commissions from treatment centers. Our lack of affiliation with treatment centers ensures we locate the best treatment solution for our clients.

We don’t sugar coat addiction or recovery – getting clean is tough, we know, we did it. Your loved one can too. We understand that most families devastated by addiction have been lied to, cheated, and stolen from. The last thing a family needs when seeking treatment for a loved one is more deception. Our pledge to you is that we will act with integrity and honesty throughout every step of the process.

Intervention Staff

Intervention Specialist – Jonathan Rauch
Jonathan is a professional interventionist who works with clients of all ages around the country. His experience includes working with addicts and alcoholics and their families in the rehabilitation process provided by chemical treatment programs. Jonathan's work in recovery has provided him valuable insight as an interventionist who cares about restoring family systems.

Intervention Specialist & Legal Affairs – Jeffrey J. Merrick, Esq.
Jeffrey is a professional interventionist, sober companion and practicing attorney. He has several years of in-house counsel and treatment planning experience for recovery programs. He specializes in the defense of drug and alcohol cases and alternative sentencing through the courts.

Intervention Specialist – Bob Riner
Bob has 27 years of experience in the healing industry. He began his career as emergency room nurse and then progressed to become the administrator of the largest nursing facility in Texas. His extensive experience working with insurance coverage and billing plays a vital role in every intervention at CDI. Bob’s personnel experience with alcohol and substance abuse spans more than 24 years. His understanding and compassion for families impacted by addiction represent the core values at CDI.

Intervention Specialist – Lee Virgilio
Lee has spent the last 15 years as an HIV/AIDS educator and counselor with a focus on alcohol and drugs as a means of contracting infection. She is extremely active organizing addiction workshops around the country and speaking to the medical profession. Lee’s been clean and sober for the past 28 years and continues to reach out to help those caught up in their addictions.

Advisory Board

Norris Lange PhD - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Ilene Kusens - Psy. D. Clinical Psychology, Children, Adolescents & Adults